Want to submit an article to Emerge Woman Magazine? Follow these writers’ and submission guidelines for guest blogging and magazine articleS.

Emerge Woman Magazine is the #1 intergenerational, personal and business development magazine for women.

We publish blogs four times per week and magazines tri-annually in March, July, and November.

Emerge Woman Magazine is targeted to girls and women from ages 5 through 80+ who seek to inspire, or be an example of possibility, for others to achieve their highest potential in business, life, and/or faith. Many, but not all, of our readers are executives, professionals, coaches, consultants, strategists, moms, creatives, local and international influencers, social change-makers, business, clergy, health and subject matter experts around our genre. Each issue is an empowering mix of features geared to inspire, inform and empower the everyday woman including:

  • Articles that inspire women and girls to their highest potential and destiny (to live confident, successful, authentic and whole lives).

  • First-person or self-discovery articles about dramatic, pivotal moments in a woman’s business, life, health, faith, financial management or independence.

  • For Emerge Girls! Potential topics are: confidence, mom-daughter relationships, dreaming big, self-esteem, peer pressure, life skills, respecting elders, AND embracing their gift and talents. We also feature girls who have outstanding academic or creative achievements, write books, are artists, community change-makers, and/or have started their own business and nonprofit organizations! Our Emerge Girls! audience is ages 5-17.

  • Topics relevant to our reader’s life, business development, faith or experience. We LOVE humor and fun stories too!

  • Marriage, family, motherhood and single-lifestyle articles with an emphasis on strengthening the relationship and healing from traumatic events.

  • Writing on practical and effective trends in business that equip women to scale and build sustainable businesses (or guide them in that direction) and create wealth.

  • Proven insights that help women thrive professionally and personally.

  • Health, nonprofit and social causes/issues that impact women and girls. Examples include, but not limited to: (cancer, self-care, domestic violence, sex-traffic/abuse, sickle cell disease, surviving divorce, bullying, etc.).

  • Sisterhood and how to attract and identify the right friends, “tribe” and/or network. How to build healthy relationships.

  • Real life storytelling: Tell us what happened AND tell us why/how it impacted you (business, life, or faith).

  • Ministry work that includes being a woman or girl making impact in Christian ministry, clergy leadership, youth ministry, missions, church planting or any areas that can inspire women and girls to embrace God’s calling on their lives.

Submission and word count for guest bloggers and magazine articles:

  • 10 or 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font

  • 300 – 600 word count

  • We accept article series proposals: must include a title and short outline of your proposed series.

  • Include your social media handles and/or website addresses

  • Must provide a title with your article (our editing team will adjust as needed)

  • ALL blog and magazine articles must be submitted and attached on a Word document to: (NO Google docs, PDFs or articles in the body of the email are accepted).

  • Include minimum of ONE professional head shot. Only 300 dpi will be accepted for blog and magazine articles or: 1600x1200 // 2MegaPixel  Size: 6x4 - 8x10

  • Ensure a clear resolution for blog photos. Files can be JPEG, PDF or PNG.

  • Include any relevant photos or statistics available to support your topic

  • We are not hiring freelancers or paid writers/columnists at this time.

  • Complete the image/content release form BEFORE your submission Click here.

Writers are advised (not required) to read at least the last issue of the magazine (available in digital or print) to get a better understanding of appropriate subject matter and topics. We prefer to see completed articles, and suggest that you provide us with compelling statistics (if applicable) and expert sources.

No profanity nor cursing of any sort is permissible.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your submission will be accepted; we will contact you within 2 – 4 weeks if we are interested in pursuing the idea or article you propose.

We look forward to getting to know you! Here’s more about the Emerge woman magazine family:


Emerge Woman Magazine (EWM) energizes and amplifies the influential voice and gifts of women everywhere. We empower women and girls to confidently EMERGE into their highest potential, express their authentic self and boldly live their destiny.


We cultivate and highlight strong and pure bonds of sisterhood through transparency in sharing our stories, wins, failures, wisdom, humor and life-lessons.


We provide a platform for everyday and global influencers, experts and social change-makers emerging in business/finance, media, nonprofit, healthcare, S.T.E.M., military, faith-based organizations and the creative industry.


Business - entrepreneurship, home ownership/real estate, corporate and nonprofit professionals, business executives/leaders, media, creatives (writers, authors, publishers), sales, marketing, social media, higher education, economic empowerment and wealth-building strategies.

Lifestyle - motherhood, marriage, personal image/style, culture, cuisine, travel, relationships, health/wellness, military, youth and music.

Faith - All things Christian faith-related, prayer, women’s ministry, clergy couples, faith-based nonprofits, lay/helps ministry, church planters, para-churches, events (local and national), and missions.

Emerge Woman Magazine Editorial Department P.O. BOX 502 Fogelsville, PA 18051


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