/əˈmərj/ come into view, appear, become visible, materialize, and manifest oneself. To become known, become apparent, be revealed, come to light.


What is the Emerge Woman Magazine Brand?

We empower women and girls to boldly emerge into their highest potential and destiny.

 “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:15-16

You must courageously rise to your potential daily and reject limitations attempting stop or distract you. Don’t rob the world of the fullness of your gifts and talents. Emerge!

What if I want to write or have a topical idea for Emerge Woman Magazine?

Email us at info@emergewomanmagazine.com, a team member will follow-up with you within five business days.

How often is Emerge Woman Magazine published? Can I subscribe?

Emerge is published triannually: March, July and November issues come in both digital and print versions. You can subscribe to our email list for newsletters, upcoming magazine releases, happenings and events. However, we don’t have a magazine subscription option yet.

Is there a limit on magazine copies I can order?

There is no limit on magazine orders (past or current). And we thank you for your support!

How can Emerge Woman Magazine help me?

Attempting to make career, relationship, money, spiritual or life shifts without the right mental blueprint leads to failure and hope (or dreams) deferred. Unhealthy mindsets keep us stuck in negative, toxic cycles and limit our ability to flourish. Through Emerge, you’ll have access to a reservoir of wisdom from women around the world who have profitably emerged in their true purpose with proven results. They are trailblazers helping other women emerge! Emerge to YOUR next level of purpose, abundance or destiny by connecting with our publication.


What specific areas within our genre are covered?

Business - entrepreneurship, corporate and nonprofit professionals, business executives/leaders, media, creatives (writers, authors, publishers), higher education and wealth-building strategies.

Lifestyle - motherhood, marriage, personal image/style, culture, cuisine, travel, relationships, health/wellness, youth.

Faith - All things Christian faith-related, clergy couples, faith-based nonprofits, ministry, church planters, para-churches, events (local & national), missions...

And more!



Why Emerge Woman Magazine? Where did the concept originate?

The concept began as a seed planted in our Founder’s  heart by God. After years of personally dipping one foot in-and-out of her purpose, starring at closed doors – and being too afraid to embrace some open doors, a revelation came.  Just because you know your purpose and calling, doesn’t always mean you’ll emerge and manifest it. There are millions of women hiding notebooks (or heart-space) full of things God whispered to them; but refusing to step out on faith.

Your insight, story or those stories you’ll read in Emerge, can be a catalyst for breakthrough and transformation in life. Emerge Woman Magazine provides real-life, effective tools to inspire and mobilize you to fulfill your purpose. And, we love celebrating your victories along the way!

What is an Emerge Woman Magazine Ambassador? How can I get involved?

If selected, EWM Ambassadors may represent the publication at special events locally, nationally or on social media. All Ambassadors receive an honorary mention in the magazine. For details or to get involved, contact us at info@emergewomanmagazine.com.

Are men ever featured in Emerge Woman Magazine?

Yes. In each issue, three men are featured and share insight from “His View” around our genre of business, lifestyle and faith. We believe radical personal growth occurs when healthy perspectives are exchanged from men and women.

What is the genre of Emerge Woman Magazine?

Our genre is business, lifestyle and faith. We also highlight the work of women who are social change-makers in business, healthcare, nonprofit, military and faith-based organizations.

Which faith-based orgs does emerge woman magazine highlight?

We are a Christian-based publication, and welcome people of all faiths, backgrounds and lifestyles to connect, engage with us and be inspired by our content.  (To learn more about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ), click here