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Your Clothes Speak!

What you wear matters. Your clothes speaks to how you feel about yourself and how other’s perceive you as well.  Attending to your professional image does not mean you have to become fashion or trend obsessed, spend thousands of dollars, or lose hours in the mirror in each morning getting ready.  However, you’ll want to spend some time learning how to create and leverage a wardrobe that will work to your advantage.

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National Donate Life Month

Each year we celebrate Donate Life during the month of April. It is a time when local and national activities are held to encourage Americans to register to be organ, eye and tissue donors.  During the month of April, we also celebrate those that have saved lives through the gift of organ and tissue donation.

Why the importance of organ donation?  Here are some facts:

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Am I in a Toxic Relationship?

Interestingly enough many people equate relationships to being in love or dating someone.  While that is a type of a relationship, there are many more.  Relationships ensue when a series of events between two people are expected to occur, frequent contact, or one person’s actions are reliant on another person’s actions or inaction. 

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From Gucci to Gerber

As I saw the 2 blue lines darken on the stick I could feel a knot form in my stomach. Pregnant! I could feel the surge of emotions over take my entire body. What was I thinking? Was I ready? What am I going to do? Sure I was in my late twenties and had a career, but that was just it. I had a career. I had a life. How was this tiny being going to fit into this life I created?

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International Award-Winning Film Producer and Actress, Jacinth Headlam, Releases First Novel, “Love After”

Jamaican born, US based Film Producer, Actress and Model, Jacinth Headlam - known for her lead role in the Caribbean favorite and multi award-winning film ‘Diary of A Badman’ - has now added Published Author to her list of accolades with the upcoming international release of her first novel ‘Love After’.

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Got Boundaries?

There are relationships where one person believes that they have earned the right to control someone else, and this really shows up when new, healthy boundaries are established.

The controller will become angry and try to manipulate the other person into thinking they are wrong, bad, or uncaring.

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