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Heart-Stopping Fear Did Not Stop Me…And How Not to Let it Stop You

My heart felt as though it was doing back flips in my chest. That feeling when you are stepping from solid footing and are stepping out into the uncertainty of uncharted territory.  I had never felt a feeling like that before, and in my young 30’s (though I know I look like I’m 20 *wink*) I was way too young for my heart to be giving me problems. What. Is. Going. On.  Ironically, this somersault that my heart was doing would only happen whenever the thought of the leap I was taking crossed my mind.

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The Struggle Is Real

And it is ALL that I have ever known… One day my baby decided she needed a baby. So she wrapped her teddy bear up in a bandanna and used her blanket as a makeshift carrier as she made her way through the house! She then sat down and began to tell me her life plans, which included three children specifically. When I asked, “Why 3?” She said “Well two is not enough and four is way too many!”

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The Enemy Named Inner Me: Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

"Your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them." -Unknown

No voice influences your demise or rise as quickly your own inner voice. Overcoming negative “self-talk” means developing an accurate sense of identity (who you are) and living from that place. This internal resolution can be a matter of life and death.

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