Emerge Woman Magazine and Women’s CEO Alliance Forge New Partnership

Emerge Woman Magazine is excited to announce that we will serve as an official media partner to the global, full-service personal and entrepreneurial development company, Women’s CEO Alliance (WCA). Women’s CEO Alliance was founded by international best-selling author, empowerment speaker and business strategist Tiana Patrice.


Within this partnership, select women from WCA’s thriving network of experts will be featured in each tri-annual issue of Emerge Woman Magazine and as guests on the Emerge Woman Magazine Podcast. This partnership will continue to advance and serve the mission of cultivating women holistically as leaders, business owners and professionals which both partnering organizations strive to do.

“Women are more than the future, we are the NOW creating blueprints for NEXT. We aren’t just making a difference....we ARE the difference. And we are boldly standing up and creating our own seats at the table, breaking barriers, shifting the numbers, closing deals in flats and heels every single day.”

–Tiana Patrice, CEO/Founder, Women’s CEO Alliance

Women’s CEO Alliance is a full-service women’s development company focused on the personal and entrepreneurial development of women globally. WCA is a membership-based community and also has a 3000 sq. ft. women-focused co-working facility headquartered in Dothan, Alabama.

According to Emerge Woman Magazine Founder Qiana Cressman, Every woman’s journey matters. Sharing our personal stories and the diverse obstacles we’ve overcome to achieve success and wholeness can be transformative in the lives of other women and girls. Emerge Woman Magazine seeks to amplify the voice of these barrier-breaking women and show women everywhere the endless possibilities in living aligned with who they are created to be and rising to their highest potential in life, faith and business.”

It is our belief that this partnership will allow Emerge Woman Magazine to continue to do just that.

Please join us as we celebrate!