Navigating the Trendy “Boss Babe” Era: Tips on finding the right Coaches and Consultants to help grow your business

By Beverly Walthour

Did you that 39% of U.S. businesses have women majority ownership, and that 78% (about 2.8 million) of new women-owned businesses are owned by women of color? Now is an amazing time for women when it comes to starting a business! One of the best ways to ensure that your business is successful, is to align yourself with people who are where you want your business to be! One of the best ways is to find a coach or consultant to help you save both time and money in your business.

Below are a few tips to help you navigate during the selection process.

1.    Choose someone who aligns with your core values. You can find this out by checking out that person’s website, social media pages, and any media coverage he/she has done. Questions to ask yourself as you are researching coaches & consultants:

a.       Do they have an online presence?

b.      Do they update their content regularly?

c.       Do they use language or images that align with what you believe?

d.      Does their biographical information align with what they say they do?

2.   Evaluate what you are looking to do next in your business. Are you looking for:

a.       More sales

b.      More publicity

c.       Better clarity

d.      Improved mindset

There are coaches & consultants for these different areas of your business. So being clear on what you need, will help you choose the right person. This may also mean that you may have more than one coach if you are addressing more than one area.

  • Look for reviews/testimonials to back up the results they claim to help their clients achieve. You should be able easily find these on their website and/or social media pages. Reading them should enable you to picture yourself getting similar results.

  • Also think about how you like to learn and consume information. Oftentimes, coaches & consultants will offer their services in a variety of formats (i.e. 1:1, group, in person workshop, retreats, VIP days, etc.). By knowing this about yourself, it makes it easier for you to decide on which of their services to invest.

  • Once you’ve narrowed down who you would like to work with, it is time to schedule a call with them. Usually you have decided that you want to work with this person, and the purpose of the call is to ensure that he/she doesn’t say or do anything during the call that contradicts what your research has shown.

Do note, that the coach is using the call to see if you are a good fit for his/her services. Make sure during the call, that you ask how often the session will be conducted and what will each session will entail. You will need to ensure that your schedule can accommodate the sessions. You don’t know want to invest your money, but don’t have time on your schedule to attend your sessions and do the assignments.

As far as what your sessions will entail, some coaches do weekly check-ins which is designed more for accountability (i.e. what went well last week, what did not work well, what do you want to work on the upcoming week, etc.). Other coaches have more of a personalized focus and each week you work on a specific area of your business. These sessions usually have you completing tasks each week.

If the coach feels you are a good fit, he/she will most likely extend an offer to work with him/her. So, come to the call prepared to invest. If for some reason, you have ANY hesitation, EXPRESS it. If the amount of the investment is the reason for the hesitation, make sure you express that as well. There may be a payment plan option. Don’t let FEAR be the reason you miss out on the opportunity to move your business forward.  

Investing in a coach or consultant to help you grow your business is a huge decision. However, when you select the right coach or consultant, your business will grow by leaps and bounds!

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