Heart-Stopping Fear Did Not Stop Me…And How Not to Let it Stop You

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Heart-Stopping Fear did not stop me…

…How to Not Let it Stop You

By Bridgette Simmonds

My heart felt as though it was doing back flips in my chest. That feeling when you are stepping from solid footing and are stepping out into the uncertainty of uncharted territory.  I had never felt a feeling like that before, and in my young 30’s (though I know I look like I’m 20 *wink*) I was way too young for my heart to be giving me problems. What. Is. Going. On.  Ironically, this somersault that my heart was doing would only happen whenever the thought of the leap I was taking crossed my mind.

The leap that was crossing my mind was that I had just put in my notice that I was leaving my career of fifteen years to pursue my purpose and passion.  I was answering the call and the heart palpitations were in response to this very scary decision. I quit my job. My secure, twice-a-month paycheck, health insurance-giving, company car and credit card toting job. Was I crazy?!? Maybe. But it was what I HAD to do.

For years I had this feeling that there has to be more to my life than what I was doing. Sure, I was grateful for my high-paying job that allowed me to take luxurious trips and enjoy a comfortable life. But, this calling was as if the phone was ringing and it wasn’t going to voicemail. It was a regular text message that I could not reply stop to. It was an email that I could not unsubscribe from. It was repeatedly on the timeline of my mind, heart and spirit. “You were created to do more”.

I began my search for more and found that serving others in the capacity of a Life Coach was the “more”, but it was the HOW that I was not clear on. How was I going to pay my bills? How was I going to get health insurance? How was I going to have success and feel secure like I do with my 9 to 5? Fear was swirling all around me as my heart was reminding me of its presence.

Then something interesting happened. It was like my fear was SO massive that it turned into faith. It was only a little bit of faith - like a dollop of whipped cream on an ice cream sundae of fear, but that little bit of faith became the way in which I was able to make baby steps in the direction of my dream and purpose.

With each tiny step of faith, fear was right there reminding me that we could just stay safe and not move. But that little bit of faith was all I needed to keep on pushing. Faith and fear are inseparable. There is no such thing as “fearlessness”. Yes, you can lower the volume on fear, but it’s an energy that remains as long as you make a decision to move from the comfort of where you are.

The key to creating success and realizing your ultimate destiny is to allow the faith - no matter how small - to push you in the direction of you fulfillment.

When you allow faith to lead you, you allow God to do His most miraculous works in your life!

Here are 3 steps you can take to let your dollop of faith push you:


Step 1

Think about a time when you made a decision that was faith led that turned out to be a success. How did you feel? What did you do that allowed you to make that decision? How did you know it was a success?


Step 2

What was your state of mind when you made that decision? What did you believe about yourself and about life during that time?


Step 3

How can you get into that same state of mind to conquer the fear you currently have? Imagine what the outcome would be if you envisioned yourself succeeding.

As for the gymnastics my heart was doing in my chest as I made the scary leap toward my destiny - they eventually went away. As I continued to take baby steps and build on the past times faith showed me success, my heart now beats to a beautiful rhythm of courage and faith.

To your ultimate success!