What Does Sisterhood Mean To You?

by Qiana Cressman

"A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." Isadora James

These days the phrases "sisterhood" and "sister-friend" have become quite commonly used in many circles. Business circles, community groups, sororities and the like.

But what does true sisterhood really mean? Have you recently taken time to observe your closest girlfriends or thoughts on what sisterhood means to you? Below, is some insight on what sisterhood means to me personally. In the premiere issue of Emerge Woman Magazine, we highlighted five phenomenal women and what sisterhood means to them.

Sisterhood Defined

Sisterhood means loving and accepting someone where they are, but consistently inspiring them to their highest potential and God’s will for their life. Quality time and quality communication have always been my “love languages” in any relationship. It is inspiring to know that I have a safe space with my sisters. I love and appreciate all my time and making memories with them. I could give countless stories about what each sister means to me. One memory in particular is when my Pop (Robert Oliver), passed away years ago. I remember seeing many of my sister-friends, including one of their husbands! All of my sister-friends squeezed in the funeral during their work day. It was nothing more heart-warming than seeing their faces during that tough time. I knew they all made a sacrifice to be present, and it meant the world to me.

What are some qualities of a good sister-friend?

Qualities expected of sister-friends in my inner circle are: wisdom, loyalty, kindness and knowing how to have fun!  The Bible says that wisdom is principal thing. Meaning, wisdom is a chief priority. Wisdom is unselfish, exudes good decision-making, and maturity.

The loyalty I refer to when inviting people into my inner circle isn’t the typical definition that may be used. True loyalty to me means being loyal above all to God’s plan for one’s life. Secondly, loyalty is a commitment to doing what’s right, because it’s right—whether it’s received well or not. I'm going to love my sister-friends, even if I don’t agree with or understand a decision or course of action they may take. I’m going to bless her journey, because seasons change in life. It’s important that my sisters are free to be themselves and I expect that same value for who I am as a person. We must give each other space to evolve, emerge and even make mistakes.

There is something so radiant about a kind spirit. Kindness isn’t just generosity in tangible, material items, but a heart that wants to give the best and be the best in character every relationship.

Lastly, life is precious. We should enjoy every moment we can. We’ve got to have lots of hugs and laughter! I love the unique humor of each of my sister-friends. Proverbs 17:22 says, “a merry heart does good like a medicine.” Truly, laughter is medicine for the soul. And so is sisterhood. It heals, restores and uplifts…

So, what does true sisterhood mean to you?

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Qiana Cressman

Founder, Emerge Woman Magazine