Reflections from my heart as we enter 2019...

by Qiana Cressman

“When you compare yourself to other people, you belittle the gifts and calling God has on your life.”

In the age of a highly performance-driven society, I’m led to share some good news with you about destiny and success.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. That's a myth. Totally.

On the way to living our vision, purpose and dreams:

  • Courage is essential.

  • Pain at times, is inevitable.

  • Resilience is crucial.

  • Faith fuels you.

  • Patience keeps you consistent.


“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Before God gave me the vision for Emerge Woman Magazine, there was over two decades of personal learning, developing, unlearning faulty mindsets, doubt, failures, rejection, overcoming, becoming, resets, do-overs, growing and so much more. I’m beyond grateful He was with me through it all. Challenges I once thought were unbearable, are now my “story” to empower and equip others. There’s a purpose in the process. There are brighter days ahead. Honor the process so you can reach your fullest, highest potential and purpose.

I needed to grow into readiness for a transformative vision to serve women globally. This divine vision to empower women was exceeding and abundantly beyond anything I could ask or think. My journey of pain, tears, wins and losses, all began to make sense as the vision blossomed and women began reaching out to me from across the country, sharing how Emerge has empowered their lives.

And the growth and learning doesn't stop.

Success and significance in life is a journey. Not a sprint. So refuse to be pressured by what someone else is doing. Refuse to allow what may be right timing for someone else's life to distract or discourage you into thinking you’re not enough. God has a specific timeline for each of us and His purpose for our lives.

So, let not your heart be troubled. Rest. Enjoy and savor your journey. Don’t miss important moments with those you love (including yourself!). Avoid focusing on the experiences of people on social media (or wherever), whom you know nothing about…behind closed doors, that is.

Rest. Even as you execute your vision, don’t do it from a place of pressure and panic.

Move from doubt to destiny by trusting God’s timing, His divine rhythm for your life and the distinction you bring to this world.

Emerge Woman. I believe in you.

Happy New Year!

Many blessings to you and yours,



Qiana Cressman

Founder and President, Emerge Woman Magazine

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