Emerge Woman Magazine will energize and harness the influential voice and gifts of women. We inspire women to confidently emerge into their highest potential, express their truest-self and boldly live their destiny. We cultivate and highlight strong and pure bonds of sisterhood through transparency in sharing our stories, wins, failures, wisdom, humor and life-lessons.

EWM also exists to provide a platform for social change-makers emerging in business, nonprofit, healthcare, military and faith-based organizations. Our magazine is a subsidiary of our parent publisher, Emerge Enterprise Media, LLC.

Our Founder

Qiana L. Cressman

Founder, Emerge Woman Magazine


I’m Qiana—


an executive, publisher, advocate, minister (oh…and part-time science geek!). I’m doing what I was born to do when using my voice to inspire women to holistically manifest their highest potential. A natural-born visionary, lover of words and writer since I was four years old, deep inside—even then, I knew my purpose was writing, speaking and some form of inspirational, human development or spiritually transformative work. I was afraid to pursue it because in elementary school, literary and “inspirational work” wasn’t portrayed as a profitable or realistic profession (especially for girls of color). So, for years to come, I would shrink in the shadows of fear and insecurities.

Lessons Learned…

When we EMERGE from hiding our full potential, we’ll serve, lead and make a distinctive impact on society and the world as the best and TRUEST expression of ourselves.
— Qiana Cressman

Any person who defies odds and rises beyond what the human-mind can conceive, are those in tune with their authentic core and purpose. For three decades behind-the-scenes, I’ve consistently encouraged, coached, championed and advised hundreds of women and girls to be true to themselves by embracing and manifesting their highest potential. As I sat on the sidelines and watched these women reach amazing heights (applying my advice), I still hid from my own potential! I denied my authentic core. Those days of denying “me” and my innate calling were the most challenging and draining years of my existence.

I envision Emerge Woman Magazine as healthy soil, inspiring women to richly blossom into who they are created to be. Your starting point doesn’t matter – it’s all about the finish. No purpose should leave the earth unfulfilled. My mission is to create transformative content and media platforms that mobilize you to identify and daily emerge into your truest-purpose and most fulfilling life-work. And it’s OK if your path progresses and takes on a new look or dimension! Don’t allow anyone to hold you hostage to your last year, week or day! As you grow in your purpose, you’ll be cheered on by other women who are whole, free and confidently refuse to be boxed into limitations or familiar paths that “seem” right but are dead-end decisions. Each magazine issue will also feature powerful women making a difference in business, media, healthcare, nonprofit, military and faith-based organizations. There are so many “sheroes” who are daily, changing lives. We want to highlight these women and bring public awareness to local and global happenings that impact our society.

Again, welcome to Emerge!

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